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Dorkabetic – Being a nerd in diabetes

Nerve hitting by unprofessional piercing

A nerve can likewise be hit in this piercing, which might create the numbness and sharp pains, but there aren’t any nerves in your lips which can lead to serious or long-lasting difficulties. There are means to keep this kind of pain to a minimum. There’s pain involved with the procedure though it is dependent upon the tolerance of the individual. In case the pain looks unbearable, you might take non-prescription pain killers, like Ibuprofen, to find some relief. The pain of obtaining a septum piercing varies with everyone, but nevertheless, it will undoubtedly permit you to tear up. An individual may experience pain in the vicinity of the affected place. During this time period, you can truly feel a small pain that may cause your eyes to water.

If you adore septum piercing but you don’t want to have the pain then you can create a fake one. Septum piercing is quite painful but a typical practice to a lot of African communities. Be sure that it’s completely glued on the septum. It is normally pierced very near the tip of the septum. In the event the fake septum piercing isn’t working for you then you may select the actual septum piercing. There are in fact two sorts of fake septum piercing.

Unexperienced piercer might also have little understanding of nose piercing. Professional piercers know a great deal more about body piercing than the typical individual, so this in mind, you’ve got to choose a plan of action. Obviously, an expert piercer will certainly supply you with all the precautionary procedures and aftercare instructions.

If you’re contemplating obtaining a nose piecing, it may interest you to be aware of how much time it can take for a nose piercing to heal. Today, nose piercing is among the most popular type of body piercing. If you have a tendency to become itchy eyes after applying makeup you’ll want to change brands and keep all makeup off the piercing while it’s healing either manner.

All piercings are prone to infections, but the septum piercings include a significantly higher chance of infection. This, too, is a symptom your piercing might be infected. Daith piercings are vulnerable to redness and swelling. The genuine piercing is fixed within the center portion of the nose, the small tissue underneath the cartilage.

If you prefer to find this piercing, please make certain to have it done by somebody who knows what they’re doing. So you believe that your piercing is infected, well below are some of the indications of and infection. There are numerous diverse things that could be wrong with your piercing. Done properly, and adhering to the above mentioned tips, stretching piercings is secure and relatively simple to do. It’ll be well worth it as once you’re fully healed you may enjoy your new piercing.

A small quantity of bleeding the very first day or two isn’t uncommon particularly when you are cleaning your piercing. It needs to be used two times per day. Piercing is not for those who need to appear cool all the moment; point. Many women and men use it for each of these procedures to be able to lessen pain. A piercing gun isn’t the tool of choice for this specific procedure since it’s too cumbersome to acquire a precise placement for the hole and can’t be correctly sterilized.

The painful and dangerous septum piercing

Septum piercing isn’t for everyone

Users have reported about pain after septum piercing, but truth be told, every surgery has risks. It’s no different with septum piercing. Let’ see what people have to say about this modern thingy.

Fear is a powerful motivator, but talking off the top of your head is a bad habit. The studies I refer to were not surveys or interviews, nor were they Brodeur’s unscientific extrapolations. He committed plenty of the latter, yes. But the laboratory studies he cited examined septum piercing damage caused by specific frequencies that caused DNA damage. An analogy would be the common macro-physical event when a high “C” resonates the crystalline structure of glass enough to cause it to shatter. “So is one frequency harmonic harmful, and the other helpful?” Your question is dismissive and meant rhetorically, but yes, that is exactly the point. Even with septum piercing dangers it is the same. Once you undergo a procedure you will certainly experience some pain, but this pain will go away shortly – usually it takes about 2-4 months, depending on the cause.

Frankly, I think this is a silly controversy. You could pick just about anything and find a association with some kind of pain. Many of the same people that won’t use a cell phone don’t hesitate to take a walk on a sunny day and bathe themselves in vast quantities of solar radiation (very wide spectrum, and certainly ionizing).

For some scientists, though, this will be a gift that will never stop giving. People that are concerned about this issue will never, ever be convinced that septum piercing don’t cause pains, and it is nearly impossible to prove the negative, so we can dump endless amounts of research money into investigating yet another bogus issue. The precautionary principle means never having to admit you’re wrong, doesn’t it? Talk about arrogance. The problem is that every dollar we spend on this is a dollar we don’t spend on something that actually is a threat to our health. So foolish paranoia is something that hurts all of us.

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New treatments for newborns

EMLA is a patch that can be pasted to a child’s skin an hour to three hours before the needle stick procedure. It contains two topical anesthetics, Lidocaine and prilocaine. Like Ethyl Chloride it can be used on all kinds of needle stick procedures, vaccinations, antibiotics and blood drawing to check blood glucose levels. Another advantage of EMLA is if the child has to be stuck several times in the same spot.

The skin only needs one application of EMLA to remain numb for a couple of hours. Ethyl Chloride spray wears off quickly and must be reapplied.

When positioning EMLA on the inside of the elbow, position is so it is in a diamond pattern. This will help it stick to the skin better.

Because EMLA takes at least an hour to cause a numbing effect there is no danger if the patch or cream comes in temporary contact with the wrong area of the body. Simply wipe off the unwanted EMLA. But if If EMLA comes in contact with your child’s eyes, immediately rinse the eye with water and do not touch the eye. Call your Poison control center or local emergency service. Also call your doctor.

When you purchase EMLA or EMLA cream there will be a diagram inside the box. Show that to your child’s doctor or nurse and ask them to mark on it, where the next injections will be given. Then you will know where to apply the EMLA or EMLA cream to your child for his/her next visit..

On March 11, 1999, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of EMLA for newborns.

This means even new born babies can be given pain relief for intramuscular injections of vitamin K and hepatitis B vaccine, and heel lancing for genetic testing or bilirubin levels.

Typical glucose level chart

Glucose and glucose levels

With glucose measuring there comes a need for glucose level chart. Not only will glucose level chart help you in orienting and assessing your glucose levels, it will also provide peace of mind as you will always be in control of your sugar in blood.

A simple glucose level chart can be seen on this link, but more are available on similar pages.

Glucose meters

I’ve looked at all sorts of meters/ My want was something that was small and simple and I could store a couple test strips in. The dream came true in the form of a meter that is the size of the cape of your test strip vial.

blood glucose
This is how blood glucose looks like.

Better than that it attaches to the cap of your test strip vial. It even comes with cosy that fits over the vial and has and elastic loop you can use to attach it to something. I have it attached to my iPad carrier. The test strips are reasonable priced and you can find the True2go almost everywhere. My one problem is it did not come in green.

Some months back I wrote how painful using the standard lance was. I bought super ultra fine needles but it still hurt. In looking for a lancing device that was easy to use I came across the ACCU-Check FastClix. I liked it right away because it used a cartridge with six lances. It kind of reminded me of the old west and a six shooter.

It is about the sizes and thickness of a standard highlighter but a little shorter. it has 11 depth settings. I found 2.5 worked well for me. Compare this to 3 on my DeLuca. It was so easy to use as well. there was no getting out and individual lance, twisting off the plastic card, cocking the device and pushing a button.

You just put in the cartridge, press it against my finger and click on it like a ball point pin. The fist time I tried it I was surprised. I didn’t feel much of a prick at all. I didn’t even see a puncture mark. This is all that is required to measure blood glucose. Blood glucose level chart is linked above. You should make use of this glucose level chart as it can come in handy in many situations of which I’m sure you are aware of.

But when I squeezed my finger blood bubbled up. I’ve now used it for a few months and very little pain if any. I lost it on a plane trip and used my old lance. OUCH! The problem was trying to find just the device without getting a monitor as well. I finally came to the conclusion it was worth it. Using it like a ball point pen makes it really steady to use and I can pinpoint exactly where I want to draw blood. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

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My way of using blood sugar levels chart

At the end of the day, it is rather silly to believe you are too healthy for any disease. Everyone can get ill and there is no preventive measures that could stop this from happening. This is how it goes. If you ever get diagnosed with diabetes you will need a blood sugar levels chart to help you determine proper values. Blood sugar levels chart can be either pocket version or an application for your phone.

Many other conditions in the medical field, besides diabetes, remain a mystery. Plenty of people have thought themselves to be in perfect shape, yet suffered illnesses or injuries and other mishaps that make them view the world from a whole new perspective. Like already said, diabetes is a disease that will require you to have your blood sugar levels chart at hand. Make sure you do, otherwise you can get in trouble. A blood sugar levels chart is useful in all situations.

A positive story

Today we wanted to share a positive story about a student team from the Net Impact Chapter at CU Boulder who have demonstrated how having a focused, well-established goal can bring about big results for a good cause.

The CU Boulder team won the 2nd annual Liquidnet Markets for Good Challenge with an insightful project that allows donors wishing to give to nonprofits with a real-time view of human needs and highlights the organizations doing the most to meet these needs.

A simple blood sugar levels chart will aid you in following situations:

  • having low blood sugar levels – assess it with blood sugar levels chart
  • having high blood sugar levels – assess it with blood sugar levels chart

The story continues

The team won money for their efforts, as it was reported, and an additional $2,500 that will go to Nyaya Health, a nonprofit that operates a hospital and mobile medical care services in Nepal, as per the students’ choice.

“A thriving society requires a thriving social sector, and a thriving social sector depends on enough money going to truly high-performing nonprofits tackling the really tough challenges,” said Ban Walsh, who oversees Liquidnet For Good, the company’s corporate social engagement program. “By encouraging some of the best business school minds to help us identify innovative solutions to drive more money to more effective nonprofits, we hope that we can inspire broader impact.” These are all important aspects of being ill and being a diabetic. Diabetes is a very bad disease.

Blood sugar levels chart

We would love to see this kind of initiative and have a similar impact on the diabetes industry. One thing that our various reports have made clear is that an alternative perspective can help maximize the efficiency and success of the diabetes non-profits – they are doing a great job of bringing the community together and funding many projects, but can do even more towards a cure if they set a defined goal and timeline.

As the story highlights, staying well informed and knowing which organizations to donate to is also a crucial aspect when it comes to speeding up the process for finding a diabetes cure. The JDCA’s publications are an excellent resource that highlight where and how the major non-profits are spending donor money and gives donors the power to make their intentions heard.

Reminder: have blood sugar levels chart always with you. An accurate blood sugar levels chart might save lives. Keep your blood sugar levels chart at hand!

My diabetes and blood sugar levels chart

My short story about blood sugar levels

Exercise is probably the best way to increase the capacity of your ER (endoplasmic reticulum). With blood sugar levels chart you can start measuring your progress in controlling of blood sugar levels. Build up gradually, and plan to exercise for the rest of your life. Pick something you like to do, and that you can do rain or shine, winter or summer. Pick something that doesn’t depend on other people showing up. Always carry a blood sugar chart with you as blood sugar chart will be your best bet when assessing the numbers you measure.


I recommend exercising in the morning, before breakfast. From personal experience, I know it’s hard to exercise when you’re tired at the end of the day. And in the evening, something seems to always come up to interrupt the schedule. Also, the growth hormone boost caused by exercise is larger in the morning, before you’ve eaten.

I bought a recumbent Life Cycle, and worked up very gradually. Because the cellular energy available to diabetics is too small, exercise is not fun at all. It remained not fun as I worked up from “really dismal” performance, through “average”. When I got to “really good” I began to look forward to the blood-pumping feeling. It took years. And it took doing it every day. I started at level 3 for 6 minutes and now, five years later, I am at level 9 for 50 minutes. This means my cardio was not only high intensity but also progressive. I was later to learn this was important.

exercise with diabetes

Now that I’m cured, I cycle two or three days a week and lift weights two or three. I don’t formally exercise of Sundays, and I allow myself one other day off if I feel like it. My exercise equipment is in the living room, where I can watch movies or TV programs while exercising – it makes the time spent interesting instead of aggravating.

I ran across a sports medicine article where they were studying the physiology of extreme sports conditioning. It turned out that high intensity cardio exercise has effects that lower intensity aerobic exercise does not have. One of those is to triple the size of the ER. It does this by activating Heat Shock Factor One, HSF-1, which increases the production of chaperones.

This allows the ER to structurally increase its own size to handle the increased workload high intensity exercise requires. This was the first I had heard of the ER and heat shock proteins which are mostly chaperones. The important thing for me was the fact that increasing the size of the ER would allow the cell to handle “insults” more easily – including inflammation.

HIIT exercise

If you want an example of high intensity exercise for obese people you need look no further than the TV program “The Biggest Loser”. I bought and read the book written by the doctor (Rob Huizenga) who designed the original workout program for the show. In his book he states that the workout on the show was too extreme and that better results could be obtained by working out twice a day, once first thing in the morning and again after work. When I tried his twice-a-day suggestion, my results improved dramatically, but I didn’t know why.

I began to look at what would activate HSF-1. Clearly high intensity cardio did. The way that works is that it activates the gene sirT1 producing deacetylative proteins. One of the proteins deacetylated was HSF-1 which is normally inactive due to acetylation. This action actually reaches a peak about 12-18 hours after the exercise.

Weight training also activates HSF-1, but in a completely different fashion. There is another heat shock protein, HSP-72. This protein usually has an unacetylated HSF-1 protein attached to it, but the HSF-1 cannot enter the nucleus while attached to HSP-72. HSP-72, among its many abilities, can detect “denatured” or partially unfolded proteins. When it does detect an unfolded protein, it releases HSF-1, which results in an increase in chaperones to fold proteins. The end result is the same as the high intensity cardio exercise, but the method differs.

I should add that weight training denatures proteins as a result of its intensity. So intense, progressive weight training is the key here.

Eye can’t fight this feeling anymore

Eye can’t fight this feeling anymore

This is hard to bare. Diabetes is really a backstabbing disease and I am really sorry for everyone who gets diagnosed.

What is one thing you would tell someone that doesn’t have diabetes about living with diabetes?

Today let’s borrow a topic from a dsma chat held last September.  The tweet asked “What is one thing you would tell someone that doesn’t have diabetes about living with diabetes?”.  Let’s do a little advocating and post what we wish people knew about diabetes.  Have more than one thing you wish people knew?  Go ahead and tell us everything.

I think the hardest thing for the Type 3s in my life to understand is that the mechanical aspects of this disease aren’t what get me down.  It’s the lack of control over things that I never thought I’d lose with my diagnosis.

They all seemed to think that adjusting to shots and testing and the ins and outs of highs and lows would be the rough part.  I can hear their refrain in my head, and it sometimes makes me want to snap:

“Oh, you’re so brave! I could never give myself shots!”

You get over the whole “needles” thing pretty quickly.  No, seriously.  The insulin I have to take for the rest of my life has to get into my body somehow, and even as someone who is terrified of needles, I’m mostly over it.  It’s pretty easy when you think about what your choices with diabetes are: take the dang shot or die.  Bam.  Done.

It’s the other ways that diabetes eats away at your former life that are much harder to get used to.

Before my insulin pump, I could just throw on a dress if I felt like wearing a dress and not worry about where my pump was going to go.  Before constantly having to have supplies with me, I almost never carried a purse.  My fingertips were uncalloused, my stomach wasn’t covered in tiny infusion site scars, and my body felt like it belonged to me.  Now there are so many aspects of my life that are driven not by my heart or my brain, but by my busted-ass pancreas.

There are days when I don’t wear my pump or my Dex, despite the fact that I know on a rational level that they help with my management, because I need a day where my body feels like a body and not like a cyborg.  Please don’t judge me or scold me.  Just let me have my body feel like my own for a day. There are times when I don’t want to test and dose before I eat, and I promise that I’ll get to it as soon as I finish this slice of pizza.  Please don’t treat me like a child because I know what I need to do. It’s the same basic decision.

Working out for t1dummies

Workout for type 1 diabetes dummies

If you have diabetes you can exercise to control your blood sugar levels. Exercise is very efficient.

Not my strip

Not my strip for measuring blood sugar levels

I went to bathroom and found a blood sugar levels strip, filled with blood. Someone must have tested their blood sugar levels.

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