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January 2016 – Dorkabetic

Typical glucose level chart

Glucose and glucose levels

With glucose measuring there comes a need for glucose level chart. Not only will glucose level chart help you in orienting and assessing your glucose levels, it will also provide peace of mind as you will always be in control of your sugar in blood.

A simple glucose level chart can be seen on this link, but more are available on similar pages.

Glucose meters

I’ve looked at all sorts of meters/ My want was something that was small and simple and I could store a couple test strips in. The dream came true in the form of a meter that is the size of the cape of your test strip vial.

blood glucose
This is how blood glucose looks like.

Better than that it attaches to the cap of your test strip vial. It even comes with cosy that fits over the vial and has and elastic loop you can use to attach it to something. I have it attached to my iPad carrier. The test strips are reasonable priced and you can find the True2go almost everywhere. My one problem is it did not come in green.

Some months back I wrote how painful using the standard lance was. I bought super ultra fine needles but it still hurt. In looking for a lancing device that was easy to use I came across the ACCU-Check FastClix. I liked it right away because it used a cartridge with six lances. It kind of reminded me of the old west and a six shooter.

It is about the sizes and thickness of a standard highlighter but a little shorter. it has 11 depth settings. I found 2.5 worked well for me. Compare this to 3 on my DeLuca. It was so easy to use as well. there was no getting out and individual lance, twisting off the plastic card, cocking the device and pushing a button.

You just put in the cartridge, press it against my finger and click on it like a ball point pin. The fist time I tried it I was surprised. I didn’t feel much of a prick at all. I didn’t even see a puncture mark. This is all that is required to measure blood glucose. Blood glucose level chart is linked above. You should make use of this glucose level chart as it can come in handy in many situations of which I’m sure you are aware of.

But when I squeezed my finger blood bubbled up. I’ve now used it for a few months and very little pain if any. I lost it on a plane trip and used my old lance. OUCH! The problem was trying to find just the device without getting a monitor as well. I finally came to the conclusion it was worth it. Using it like a ball point pen makes it really steady to use and I can pinpoint exactly where I want to draw blood. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

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