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The painful and dangerous septum piercing – Dorkabetic

The painful and dangerous septum piercing

Septum piercing isn’t for everyone

Users have reported about pain after septum piercing, but truth be told, every surgery has risks. It’s no different with septum piercing. Let’ see what people have to say about this modern thingy.

Fear is a powerful motivator, but talking off the top of your head is a bad habit. The studies I refer to were not surveys or interviews, nor were they Brodeur’s unscientific extrapolations. He committed plenty of the latter, yes. But the laboratory studies he cited examined septum piercing damage caused by specific frequencies that caused DNA damage. An analogy would be the common macro-physical event when a high “C” resonates the crystalline structure of glass enough to cause it to shatter. “So is one frequency harmonic harmful, and the other helpful?” Your question is dismissive and meant rhetorically, but yes, that is exactly the point. Even with septum piercing dangers it is the same. Once you undergo a procedure you will certainly experience some pain, but this pain will go away shortly – usually it takes about 2-4 months, depending on the cause.

Frankly, I think this is a silly controversy. You could pick just about anything and find a association with some kind of pain. Many of the same people that won’t use a cell phone don’t hesitate to take a walk on a sunny day and bathe themselves in vast quantities of solar radiation (very wide spectrum, and certainly ionizing).

For some scientists, though, this will be a gift that will never stop giving. People that are concerned about this issue will never, ever be convinced that septum piercing don’t cause pains, and it is nearly impossible to prove the negative, so we can dump endless amounts of research money into investigating yet another bogus issue. The precautionary principle means never having to admit you’re wrong, doesn’t it? Talk about arrogance. The problem is that every dollar we spend on this is a dollar we don’t spend on something that actually is a threat to our health. So foolish paranoia is something that hurts all of us.

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